8 Things “Fighting Gravity” Taught Me

There’s a reason this is titled “8 Things I Learned”. This is in no way meant to be an article on all the things you should learn, but rather this is me sharing some of the insights I’ve gathered, and hope you find them insightful as well. Watch this video first:

1. When you see someone ”floating”, know there’s a team of people holding them up

For many years now, the internet has provided a great way to seemingly be super-man/woman, and it’s actually become a praised trait. However the common response is to wonder how they keep it all going and how much YOU can’t do what they are doing. And the sad fact is that there is no way they could do what they do, without the support of a large group of people behind the scenes! Lesson: Don’t think someone is super human, ”If they can do it, you can do it”.

2. It takes systems to produce something extraordinary

No questions that the performance Fighting Gravity puts on is incredible! However, seeing something that fantastic where only a couple people seem to be leading and doing everything, is a quick way to mentally burn yourself out without seeing the behind the scenes systems and technologies they use. Lesson: Learn what very successful people use to systematize their work.

3. The world is dark, let your unique light shine

Notice that even when the stage is completely dark, the performance is only less distracting and more impressive and inspirational! Don’t think that because your ”stage” or life is ”dark” or you can’t see much, doesn’t mean that it in any way dims your power, in fact, it only empowers it! Lesson: Don’t let your ”stage” influence your ”performance”.

4. Practice, and synchronization is huge

Another common mental knee-jerk is to wonder how someone does something so well and how you could never get to their level. This is especially damaging because the most common response is to never start! And the sad thing? By never starting you guarantee you will never reach the same place as them. The most powerful effect by far is The Slight Edge, daily persistent and consistent actions will get you anywhere you want to go! The other issue being synchronization, if you work with a team (anyone working to build success really), then you should be aware of synchronization and how to affect it. Without that ability, it becomes very difficult to manifest anything, especially your true desires! Lesson: Disciplined practice equals huge results for you and your team

5. Make moves to your energy

Each person has a unique energy and drive to do specific things and play a certain part. When we ignore this, it not only hurts us, but it hurts others who are counting on us to act in our true energy advantage! Lesson: Do the things that are most exciting

6. Find what your music is, as it guides your actions

The idiom ”What’s your life theme song” sums this up well. Figure out the good and bad qualities and natures about yourself, and then that clarity becomes power, it helps you live ”in sync” to your music, and even though it may be invisible, and people may laugh at you just dancing to silence, I guarantee they won’t laugh at the power to cause change that this has. Lesson: Clarity is power, the more clarity you have, the more leverage

7. Every time you perform, you have the ability to wow people, make the decision

Truly successful people are paid for their performance, not time. So by simply making the decision to wow people, over deliver, and be more than you thought you could be. Our results change! If you’re looking for why your results are small, it’s probably because you’re playing small. Lesson: Make the decision! Be more!

8. We all ”fight gravity”, our human nature is extremely strong and weighs us down, and very few know it’s possible to overcome let alone beat it!

Gravity seems to hold us all down. Our human nature is excellent at this. And we live in a ”Gravity Well” on earth because of all the other people. But the problem is, to fly we need others to lift us up, we can’t do it alone. Personally, this is the most important one. Only by surrounding ourself with different people and changing the people around us, can we fly. Lesson: Surround yourself with people who help you fly Fighting Gravity

Hope this has provided value to you, if it has, please share it anywhere you would like, and help others!

You can also connect with the excellent gentleman who suggested this article here:
Thanks Kris! 😀


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