2013: A Year In Review and My Biggest Insights

2013 was a very interesting year! Even in Q3/Q4 the grind and one-step-at-a-time-actions from Q1-Q2 came to fruition quickly and I ended up meeting up with and connecting with some of the BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!

But after much reflection and mindfulness, I boiled it down to only three things OUTSIDE of my “Formula For Success“:

1. The Slight Edge is EVERYTHING. Boiled down, it’s doing at least one thing and no more than 3 things persistently and consistently EVERY, SINGLE, DAY to be closer to your dream, even though you will likely NOT see any results even for years and doing it anyway.

If you don’t understand the Slight Edge principle, you will likely to never receive or at least miss out on a LOT of success. Eric Thomas, The Hip-Hop Preacher, talks about this a lot. You can NOT give up during the slight edge grind! The grind is the period of time while you have to invest in planting seeds and watering, before you reap the harvest of your ROI! The story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree sums this up well.

2. Setting goals based on results (make a million dollars), and not based on the reverse engineered actions (list 20 eBay items at $50 profit/item).

When we make goals based on the actions, we are GUARANTEEING the results! This is simply summed up by Causality. So by taking daily Slight Edge actions, you are ensuring your results, rather than making a goal based on the result which doesn’t include a daily action plan at all and you will RARELY achieve that higher goal, and definitely with no consistency. For more on this check out Michael Hyatt‘s awesome new course called “Best Year Ever” where he talks about S.M.A.R.T. Goals and how to leverage them.

3. Grind

This is a combination of those two mainly because they are so interconnected. The Grind portion of results is hugely important, because it follows a curve;

It takes 20 years to make an overnight success. -Eddie Cantor

This video, this article, and this book explain this really well.

If you DON’T have a life plan or don’t think your’s is up to bringing about the levels of success you desire, download Michael’s free, life changing eBook

Hope this finds all of you well and have a merry Christmas and a happy, phenomenal, and fantastically successful new year!


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