Do you have an easy cancel recurring service button?

If you don’t, you’re missing it as a business owner. This is a simple concept, but often a massive failure point.

Business owners are not thinking in the long term, they are simply thinking short term, and in this economy is deadly!

This is simple really, if you think hiding your cancellation system or making it difficult is a good idea, prepare to change that.

I’ve been trying to cancel an unnecessary recurring service for over 3 months, and losing money because it’s difficult to nigh impossible, and the only thing for me is to cancel the card, but now even recurring charges can be allowed to “follow” you to a new account to protect merchants.

Now, my opinion of the company before this, was actually pretty good! I enjoyed their service, and think it’s a good company, but this one event has tainted my view and have gone from a willing Word of Mouth marketer for them, to someone who’s willing to slander them simply because of this!

If you understand your business and want to be around in the long term, think about the opposite here, what if you make it super easy to cancel? Like even a one button click with a confirmation window? I believe the outcome is extremely beneficial!

What if your customer could cancel at ANY time? Well, that would enforce that the customers you do have, are much more loyal, “get” your service or product, and connect with it deeply. THEY are your REAL customers. If someone stays even though they are 2 clicks away from canceling, they are your most loyal customers, those are the ones who will share your service with others. And even if they are skiddish of your product, they can simply opt out any time!

Even from a simple marketing perspective, this is simply investing in creating happier, more fulfilled customers, who will definitely be willing to share your product or service because it’s “no catch”.

The money you might make hooking a customer for a couple months because it’s tough to opt out, is clearly NOT worth it if you understand business and marketing!

Create an easy way to opt out, it will make your life and your customer’s life way better. You are in the business of creating value right?


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